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The web team boasts years of experience and training in the visual arts, programming and management of new-media projects. Our team of Web professionals is trained in graphic design, HTML, search engine tactics, Java, scripting languages, Active X, dynamic HTML, and internet databases.


CreativeManiaX has its success rooted in highly qualified team that knows how to utilize cutting-edge technologies and open standards to develop application delivered to multiple platforms. The team is well-versed with third and fourth generation languages like PL/SQL, ASP, Java, and VB Scripting. The brand is known to attained customer trust and satisfaction by ensuring that software are tested for reliability and quality – the doesn’t settle for anything less. The team at CreativeManiaX is the critical mass of the company with years of rich experience in software development and various other IT-related solutions. What is distinctive about the brand is its approach to educate the client about the various benefits that can be reaped from a single solution. In web designing, the team works with the client to design and implement strategies for increased site traffic and developing a website audience. The brand is synonymous with outstanding client-focus approach that assimilates quality, consistency, modern and user friendly technology and tasteful aesthetics in designs.


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