Customization of Blogs

Customizing a blog isn’t that much a difficult task, you only need to go through few certain stages and that is your blog and that is it. You register on the site, where you would be asked to opt for a blog template. Sooner you would select your favorite template that start engaging with your blog, and in this process you would come across the important things related to customizing blog. Now let us see what those stages are, and how a blog is customized:

Stage 1

If you are new to the blog creation then first register or in case, you are registered user then logon to blogger site by giving your ID and password.

Stage 2

New user should give a title that would be your future ID for your blog and that fits entirely to your concept blog. Keep in view that your address is part of the URL so that the readers and visitors may type in the address bar, with a view to easily access to your blog.

Stage 3

Here choose a template design for your blog. has massive template choices to opt for. Here you can change the format as well as the settings of your blog.

Stage 4

Now opt for “Customize” button on your blog’s home page. Go ahead by customizing the page elements—such as content, images, colors, fonts, and so on.  Choosing the “Page Elements” option enables you to change your blog template, by applying’s fine tuning techniques.  Swap the visual impression of your blog template by changing, adding, and modifying each and every aspect, in accordance with your own vision and imagination.
Final Stage

Here you can add a monogram, image, or any HTML script coupled with the pre-customized ingredients to your personalized template. Here you can think over to add-ons, to your blog as you think fitting to your scheming. There are massive options, which can be employed by researching on the net. Get some idea from others or even from your competitors’ blog or website.